Sunday, August 30, 2009

On the road again...

...after three days of travelling around New Brunswick with the girlies. I had hoped to get some runs in while away, but it didn't happen. Between long days visiting with old friends, taking the girls on hikes, sight-seeing, and a few too many drinks each night, the runs just didn't happen. Oh well.

I got back on the program today with my 10 K long run. The pace range for my long runs is broad - 5:53 - 6:38 min/km and I'm aiming for the slower end, so I've got the Garmin set to annoy me outside of 6:25 - 6:35. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time holding the speed down to that range and the average speed for the run was 6:22. Not bad, and a little better than last week's 6:17 average pace on my 6 K "long" run. Good news - I'm getting slower!

I am quite happy that I managed to keep my heart rate nice and low at this speed - average of 146 and after the first five minutes or so when it was strangely high (~ 160), it was really quite consistent in the 145-150 range.

I'm really happy the T is running now, too. She managed to get all of her runs in this week and I really think that she's feeling good about it. Her excitement about running is motivating for me, too. I hope she keeps it up.


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