Monday, September 14, 2009

A great long run...

My long runs so far aren't really that long, as I'm being quite careful about building the mileage back up slowly and steadily. That said, the 13 km I did yesterday is the longest I've ran in 2009. It was perfect weather, as I waited until later in the afternoon and therefore didn't get caught in the noon-time deluge that probably would have drowned me. I averaged 6:16 min/km for the run at an average heartrate of only 139. The heartrate is what gets me - I've never been able to run at that pace for that distance with that little effort. It's glorious!

Totals for the week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Bootcamp and 5.5 km of rowing
Wednesday: Hills (6X) - 7.25 km
Thursday: Steady 6km
Friday: Tempo 6km, 1.5 km warmup
Saturday: Steady 5km and weights
Sunday: Long 13 km

Total: running (38.7 km), weights (1x), bootcamp (1x), rowing (5.5 km)

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