Thursday, January 15, 2009

First tempo run...

Just a quick update - ran my first tempo run of the new training regime last night, on the treadmill at the Sportsplex because the roads are still pretty icy and it's jeezely cold. 10 km, (3.5 @ 6:00 min/km, 5 @ 5 min/km, 1.5 easy), finishing in 54:01. Felt good, but tiring. I didn't wear my HR monitor, but I did some spot checks on the machines grip one and I was in the mid 140's throughout the first section, and climbed from the low 150's quickly to mid 160's in the second, until the final half-km when it began to climb again, to around 170 by the end.

Tiring, but fun. Well, as fun as a treadmill usually gets.

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