Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week 2 update

I've been smoked with work the last five days or so as I prepare to travel and I've not posted an update recently. (Thanks for the poke, Jen!) Week 2 went pretty well, though work forced me to move my schedule around a bit and the flu bug that hit me forced me to miss one run, my speed intervals, outright. I managed to get my cross-training sessions in on the rowing machine, but I must cop to not getting my weightlifting sessions done. They're sooooo bbbbooooorrrrrriiiinggggg!

The weather this winter has been, like most of the country it seems, devilish. I can't remember running more on treadmills than I have in the past few weeks. Not ever. I think the city has cut back on street maintenance to such an extent now that there is almost nothing being spent on sidewalk clearing, and when they are cleared, nothing on salting/sanding. In any case, I managed two runs in Week 2 outside - my 8 km tempo run Tuesday (at 5:23 ave, 159 bpm ave HR) and my long run (15 km at 5:33, 153 ave HR) on the treadmill.

I have no idea why my heart rates were so similar from one run to the next - it's so weird I'm almost willing to blame the Garmin, but I don't think that's it. The tempo run was after work, on my 10 K loop home, and my long run was Saturday morning, so maybe the time of day played into it. Or maybe, since it was Sunday night that the flu bug hit, my heart rate was elevated Saturday as the illness set in. That sounds reasonable, probably something that I would have noticed if I monitored my resting heart rate from day to day. That seems like something only "real" athletes do, not wannabe's like me, so I have never done it.

Do regular people do that?

Also, it might be that my training speeds for the long runs are just too high and I'm running north of my purely aerobic zone. I'll play this out through to the Bluenose to give it a fair shake, but I reserve the right to run slower after than on the long runs.

I managed to get my speed work in for week 3 last night on the treadmill - 1000, 2000, 1000, 1000, with 400m rest periods in between. I didn't have the Garmin for that run so I don't have heart rate numbers, but I do know that I was right on my training paces 4:32 for the 1000's and 9:24 for the 2000. Treadmills are good for holding pace.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep my training up over the next couple of weeks while I'm away. There is a nice gym in Inuvik that I really hope has a treadmill. I didn't go in last year when I was down, but I intend to sniff it out next week. Next week's updates will be from north of the Arctic Circle.



Jennifer said...

I'm not sure what you're wondering about-- why your HR is high on the Sunday "easy" run? It's only 10 sec/km slower than your tempo run, twice as long, and 7 bpm less. That seems about right to me.

I have been very happy with my Garmin 305 and find the HRM to be much more reliable than my old Polar RS200sd, which often gave unreliable readings ("um, no-- my HR is NOT 226"). Sometimes I'll get some erratic readings at the beginning of a run if the chest strap isn't wet enough, though. I also like that you can see a graph of HR vs. time on the computer on Garmin Training Centre. Do you use that?

kevvyd said...

You're right of course.

You think the Garmin is more accurate? I do find that it maintains connection better, and I don't need KY when I run ;)

I always obsess over the graphs - it amuses Tania.

Jennifer said...

I like the graphs too. My husband ignores my running obsessions in general, though. :)

Have fun up at the Arctic Circle. Sounds... a bit cold, eh? ;)

Sonia said...

I definitely don't check my resiting HR but I don't use HR training.....

You're totally right the weather has been totally horrendous.... I cannot wait until this winter is over!

You're going to the Arctic! How exciting! Have fun while you're there. =)