Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday's long run

Ran 13 km in 1:12:49 in relatively nice weather, but crappy road conditions. The snow from the New Year's Eve/Day blizzard was still around on the sidewalks, though they had been "cleared" by the city maintenance people. I think the problem is that the sidewalks in many places are so badly frost-heaved and broken that they set the blades on the blowers pretty high, resulting in about three or five cenitimetres of loosely-packed snow in many places, which makes for a tremendous workout for the muscles in the lower legs. My calves are still sore 24 hours later.

That said, the weather was lovely - cloudy, -8° C with a light wind - great winter running weather. Perfect, I think.

My time was a little slower than the target, 5:37 min/km vs. 5:33. But since it was my first attempt at a long run at that kind of speed, and with sub-perfect road conditions to boot, I think it was a great run. A very nice way to start the running year.

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